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The Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Department (JKPDD) came into being in the year 1908, when it lit electric bulbs in the valley for the very first time. Ever since it has been relentlessly catering to the power need of Jammu and Kashmir. It is entrusted with the Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power. Based out in a state which is only second, after Mysore, to have genearted Hydroelectric power JKPPD has a long and rich history to share. Electrical Maintenance and Rural Electrification wing (EMRE) is one among the five operational divisions that constitute JKPDD. The different wings are dileneated on the basis of the nature of duties they discharge. Further, some of the wings are divided on the basis of regions of operation as well - Jammu catered by its own wing while Kashmir by its own.

Departmental Users

The departmental users can now access following functionalities at their finger tips.
  • Download monthly revenue files
  • Access Employee details
  • Get the latest softwares and patches
  • Download RAPDRP related documents and estimates
  • Update your personal profile
Please contact IT administrator at itcell.emrekashmir@gmail.com to get your JKPDD esupport user credentials. Existing users can login here


Corrigendum-II to NIT No. EPDC/e-NIT-23/PLG of 2019, dated 14-06-2019.
Corrigendum-1 to NIT No: EPDC/e-NIT-23/PLG of 2019, dated:- 14.6.2019.
Cancellation of Quotation No. 02 EDS of 2019-20 dated: 29-05-19.
Corrigendum to this office e-NIT No. EDIV/ 11 of 2019-20 (Tender ID 2019_PDD_74471_1).