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Tender Archive (For old tenders upto 14 Oct 2015)
S.No.Work DescriptionTender NoTender DateExt. NoExt. Date  
1 Providing various material in view of spread of coronavirus and as a precautionary measure to ensure safety of employees/public. 1 of 2020-2115 Jun 2020  
2 1. LPG Gas cylinder 5 Kg Capacity Gas Filled with company seal and regulator (Both should be of any one HPCL/BPCL/IOCL Make). 2. LPG Gas pipe steel wire reinforced 2.0 Mtr long ISI marked Pigeon/ Suraksha/ Butterfly/ Gasmanmake. 3. Single Burner gas cooktop Stainless Steel, Knob type Heavy Duty with Brass Burner ISI Marked Pigeon/ Bakeman/ Sunflame/ Prestige Make.STDS-06 of 2020-2112 Jun 2020  
3 Improvement of LT Network at village Durpora (BLOCK ZAINAPORA), creation of 63 KVA Sub station alongwith allied Netwrok at village Dangerpora Goriwan Mohalla (BLOCK KANJIULLAR) & creation of 100 KVA Sub station alongwith allied Netwrok at village Chakoora (BLOCK HERMAIN) under BACK TO VILLAGE PROGRAM.02 of 2020-2111 Jun 2020  
4 Rate Contract for the Supply of Store items for the year 2020-21 in respect of Electric Division Shopian.EDS/e-tender/01 of 2020-2111 Jun 2020  
5 Hire Charges of vehicles for various worksSTDS-02 of 2020-2116 Apr 2020  
6 Supply of POL for departmental vehicles/DG Sets/ Hired VehiclesSTDS-03 of 2020-2116 Apr 2020  
7 Extension Notice-1 to e-NIT No.'s e-ED-III 32, 33 & 34 of 2019-20 Dated:- 25-02-20.e-NIT No.'s e-ED-III 32, 33 & 34 of 2019-2025 Feb 2020ED-III/TS/ 14273-7911 Mar 2020
8 Execution of HT and LT Improvement works by way of Replacing/ Replacement Barbed Wire/ Under Size-Stranded conductor/ Worn out Poles/ Tree Logs, on SITC basis, Srinagar. Electric Sub-Division Pather Masjid and Watal Kadal.e-NIT No.'s e-ED-III/37 &38 of 2019-2011 Mar 2020  
9 Creation of 63KVA Sub Station including HT/LT Networks at Poshkar Kasana Pati under TSP Scheme 2019-20.e-NIT No: 53 of 2019-2013 Feb 2020  
10 Creation of 63KVA Sub Station including HT/LT Networks at Babanagri Kati Near the House of Mia Naqash under TSP Scheme 2019-20.e-nit no: 54 of 2019-2013 Feb 2020